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best paying jobs in finance consumer services.

If you’re looking to get into finance but have an interest in consumer services, this is a good career. in todays article we will also discuss in details best paying jobs in finance consumer services

Consumer services is a booming field with lots of opportunities for people who like to fix things and work with their hands and machines.

It’s also good for people who want to work in finance but don’t want to deal with the stress of trading and investing all day.

What is consumer services? Consumer services are those that you can offer to private customers. Services are important commodities in this industry that are intangible, such as an experience, result, or process.

Typical consumer services include those in the hospitality, transportation, arts & entertainment, technology, media, and gaming industries.

These services are valuable intangible items that contain a procedure, result, or encounter. Consumer service and consumer-oriented service are sometimes confused; the former provides services to end users, whilst the latter sells items to end users.

What Are the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services?


If you excel at customer service, you can become a receptionist with an average yearly salary of $47,661. In this position, you can work at the front desk of a variety of companies, greeting customers, attending to their needs, documenting complaints, and guiding them to the right staff member or department.

Bank Teller

The fact that anyone with a high school diploma can apply for the post of bank teller is one of its best features. The job of a bank teller is an excellent starting point if you’ve always wanted to work in banking or finance.

Customer service is the responsibility of bank tellers. They are in charge of the following duties:

  • assist with loan applications and account opening
  • completing client account transactions
  • Buying and selling series-e bonds, cashier’s checks, and traveler’s checks
  • promoting the bank’s services and goods through cross- and up-selling

An average annual income of $38,120 is available for bank teller jobs. You must work for banks and credit unions as a bank teller to assist customers in managing their financial activities.


Receptionists are compensated with an annual median wage of $37,000 to work the front desk and deal with customers directly.

They are in charge of welcoming clients, responding to inquiries, logging grievances, and guiding clients to the appropriate parties.

Even while corporate occupations make up the majority of receptionist positions, you can still work as a medical receptionist in the healthcare industry.

Working for hospitals, private practices, and clinics can bring in an annual compensation of $38,000 on average. Your responsibilities also include organizing appointments, taking phone calls, checking on patients, and performing other clerical activities.

Service Manager

This position is typically categorized as middle management. Your responsibility as a service manager is to oversee service delivery.

Supporting, organizing, and training service delivery personnel are additional responsibilities of service managers. They also make sure that the service’s customers have a satisfying and easy experience.

Additionally, they determine the best practices and put them into effect to keep the company one step ahead of its rivals.

The compensation range for service managers is between $83,000 and $100,000, with the average salary hovering around $95,000.

Customer Service Representative

The first line of defense for every consumer care team are customer service representatives (CSRs).

They deal directly with clients, making sure that their questions are addressed. A CSR’s responsibility also includes making sure customers are satisfied with the goods and services they get.

You have to assist them in resolving their problems. Customers can reach customer support agents by phone, email, social media, and websites. You can advance to account manager positions if you have accumulated sufficient knowledge and expertise.

An average annual salary for a customer support agent is $53,219, or $15.24 per hour. Cash bonuses ($2,000 annually) and commissions ($7,500 annually) are some of the most typical perks enjoyed by CSRs.

Market Researcher

Any business must have a thorough awareness of both its market and customers. A market researcher is really useful in this situation.

It is the responsibility of market researchers to examine the purchasing behaviors and consumption patterns of their target market. Their research has an impact on how goods and services are designed.

The median annual compensation for market research analysts was $67,000. The highest-paid researchers received yearly salaries of $80,000.


If you enjoy interacting with people and want to work at a hotel, think about becoming a concierge. Concierges assist VIPs and celebrities on occasion in addition to serving a range of clients.

Along with assisting with meetings and errands, they also need to manage their bosses’ schedules. They are also in responsible of welcoming guests, checking reservations, and showing guests about the neighborhood.

The hourly and yearly pay for concierges ranges from $15.82 to $42,804. They are eligible for up to $70 in daily tips (or more, depending on the clients they serve). They are eligible for 401(k) and insurance benefits.

Financial Software Engineer

A person who develops, updates, and maintains software programs for the banking and financial sectors is known as a financial software developer.

Additionally, they work together with many different companies to create software for a variety of uses, such as software for debit and credit card processing as well as software for financial education.

These enterprises range in size from big banks and financial institutions to smaller ones.

A financial software engineer has an average yearly salary of $106,345 and has one of the highest paying occupations in the finance and consumer services industry.

Loan Officer

A loan officer is a person who works for a financial institution like a bank, credit union, or another sort of financial institution and provides guidance to potential borrowers when they apply for loans.

Loan collectors, credit risk analysts, and many other positions are also available in this field and are related.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?


Yes, The consumer services sector is generally a lucrative career option for job seekers. Starting small is one of the best things about a career in customer service.

You can succeed in your career and advance to higher places with effort and training. Before you know it, you might have the position of vice president of customer success or director of user experience.

Here are good reasons to work in this industry.

It has a low bar for admittance. For entry into this sector, no formal schooling is required. All you require are the appropriate soft skills and a drive to engage with others.
Your career will advance, without a doubt.

You will have a lot of options for professional development if you enter this industry.

Take advantage of your valuable professional experience. Customer comprehension is a distinct profession. It may also have an immediate effect on a business’s success.

Therefore, even if you begin at an entry-level position, you will still gain useful experience that you may apply to a variety of subsequent careers.


As you can see, there are many jobs available in the finance and consumer services industries. These jobs provide a chance to earn a good salary and work in areas where you can help people. They also offer opportunities for career growth because of the ever-changing nature of these industries. If you’re interested in one or more of these careers, we recommend conducting research on what employers look for when hiring someone for their company. Good luck!





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