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is energy a good career path? best answer

The energy industry is crucial to the daily lives of billions of people worldwide. is energy a good career path? In search of jobs available in the energy sector? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know if you want to choose a career in the energy industry. Keep reading!

The energy sector has many employment opportunities because it is always growing and changing. Working in the energy sector entails various tasks and job requirements.

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

Due to technological advancements, it is now unthinkable to imagine a future without energy because it is crucial to practically every element of modern life.

There are countless options for career advancement in the energy sector. The energy industry is well-established and lucrative, and most importantly, it is always expanding and changing.

Finding new energy sources, utilizing them, and transforming them into the magic that flows through your home’s electrical sockets and powers your iPhone is the noble profession entrusted to energy engineers.

Work in the energy sector involves many duties, similar to those in most engineering professions, focusing on two key goals: finding new strategies for producing energy cleanly and effectively and lowering current energy use.

As a result, engineers in the energy sector will need to be excellent problem solvers and skilled in the workflow.


Prioritizing new energy sources like wind farms and solar energy can only help to attract more and more investments in energy efficiency. Without a doubt, an energy career is smart, and the timing is right to take advantage of this.

Reason Why Energy is a Good Career Path ?

There are several compelling reasons to pursue a career in energy. If you consider pursuing a profession in energy, you will be doing yourself a favor. The following are some advantages of pursuing a career in energy.

  • Demand for energy expertise is rising.
  • It offers a rewarding career path.
  • Future application
  • choices for careers Possibility of working abroad

Top 8 Paying Jobs In Energy Sector

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer may be required when an energy project becomes sufficiently large. These engineers design solutions that cut waste and achieve maximum effectiveness.

Industrial engineers must understand all equipment and supplies utilized on the job site.

Although a Master’s degree is helpful in this sector, a Bachelor’s degree is necessary.
Earnings on average: $88,150
Job Outlook, 2020–30: Projected Growth of 14%
A Master’s in Urban Ecology and Sustainable Planning is a recommended course of study.

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling supervisors monitor drill operations and ensure that everything is finished on schedule on oil rigs. Unlike other well-paying positions, a bachelor’s degree is not required, and experience is prized far more highly than credentials.

But having a degree in drilling technology or mechanical engineering can be useful. The typical salary for drilling supervisors is $149,000.

Wind Farm Site Manager

A wind farm requires more maintenance than you may imagine.

They require a lot of management, and the size of the wind farm determines how much equipment, personnel, and management are needed.

The wind farm remains productive, and staff members are kept busy. Wind farm site managers are typically required to hold a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree in management and business.

In the US, wind farm site managers get an average salary of $107,000 ($76,725 in the UK).


on land and at sea, geophysicists were in high demand in the oil and gas business. However, geophysicists are gradually going extinct as a result of the current shift toward renewable energy sources and the fall in the price of oil around the world.

On the other hand, the geothermal energy industry is booming, and geoscientists—who need a lot of the same experience as geophysicists did—are among the most in-demand workers globally. To work in this industry, you typically need a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

In the US, geoscientists make an average salary of $93,000 ($69,500 in the UK).

Solar Project Developer

Solar Project Developer

Many small, medium and large businesses are taking on solar projects worldwide, which is why there are an increasing number of solar project developers.

Due to the number of permissions required and the requirement to connect to the grid, each project requires significant planning.

Throughout their projects, they will interact with various experts, including financial analysts, attorneys, and engineers, to ensure everything runs well.

Developers of solar projects are often compensated $86,000 in the US (£63,500 in the UK).


Although it may seem unusual, the oil and gas industry has long employed chemists who use their expertise in creating and treating specialty fuels and lubricants. For the growth of biofuels, the alternative and renewable energy sectors also need the same set of capabilities.

Even if merely applying for an entry-level position, hopeful candidates should have a graduate degree in chemistry.

In the US, chemists make an average salary of $72,000 ($72,000; £53,250 in the UK).



As more solar panels are installed on home roofs, there is an increase in work available for roofers. Candidates need to have solid construction industry experience.

In the US, roofers make an average salary of $43,000 ($25,300 in the UK).

Environmental Science And Protection Technician

These positions involve both laboratory and fieldwork focused on the environmental effects of the construction and upkeep of renewable energy projects.

They also keep an eye on how much pollution is present at work and how it affects the employees. A career in renewable energy can be very lucrative.
Candidates for this position must be qualified in environmental engineering.

Technicians in environmental science and protection earn an average salary of $44,250 (£31,750) in the US.

Importance of Working in Energy

Thanks to this diversity, you have a wide range of employment options to choose from. For instance, you might enjoy a successful career in the oil and gas sector or make your way into the electrical or nuclear power industries.

If you desire, working in the energy industry also allows you to travel the world, but there are also options for local jobs in outlying or rural areas.

Lastly, an energy career can provide you with the chance to change the world. You don’t have to work in the clean energy industry to save the earth; your original and imaginative ideas can help develop more environmentally friendly methods of obtaining energy.

Overall, a job in energy can offer stability and progress.

Start your job search for an energy position right immediately!

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