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Financial Education Services, a Michigan-based company that also operates under the name United Wealth Education, has allegedly been running its scheme since at least 2015.

With monthly fees as high as $90, the organization advertises that it can help customers get negative information off of their credit reports and raise their scores by hundreds of points.

According to the complaint, their methods are frequently ineffective and frequently lower customer credit scores.

Financial Education Services and its proprietors, Parimal Naik, Michael, Christopher, and Gerald Toloff, as well as several affiliated businesses, have been targeted by the Federal Trade Commission for defrauding customers out of more than $263 million.

An expansive phony credit restoration operation has been temporarily shut down by a federal judge in response to an FTC complaint.

According to the FTC’s complaint, the business preys on people with bad credit by enticing them in with the false promise of a quick fix and then recruiting them to join a pyramid scheme where they are forced to offer the same useless credit repair services to others.

According to Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, “These defendants collected millions in garbage fees as part of a pyramid scheme that sold fake credit repair goods.” We will continue to prosecute businesses that prey on families’ financial hardships. “We are glad that the court shut down this enterprise and froze its assets.”

According to the FTC’s investigation, the company’s scam entails charging customers for these useless credit repair services while simultaneously pressuring them to sign up for a pyramid scheme that involves selling the useless services to new customers.

According to the lawsuit, the firm’s actions violate the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Credit Repair Organizations Act, and the FTC Act.

The agency claims that the defendants do the following:

Deceived consumers about credit repair

Financial Education Services deceives customers by making false claims in both English and Spanish that they can improve credit scores and delete negative information from credit reports through social media, telemarketing, fake “testimonials,” and a nationwide network of sales agents.

The complaint claims that the company frequently just gave customers template letters to send to credit bureaus, failing to produce the desired results.

Sold ineffective rent payment products

Additionally, the company purports to sell a product that sends information about rent payments to credit bureaus, but the complaint notes that many credit bureaus do not accept this kind of information directly from consumers and that this information is typically not included in consumer credit scores.

Charged consumers upfront for credit repair

The business illegally charges customers up front for credit repair services. According to the complaint, customers are first charged $100 up front and then must pay an ongoing monthly fee of up to $90 for the ineffectual services.

Additionally, the business frequently fails to give customers crucial information required by law, such as refund and cancellation policies.

Operated a pyramid scheme

The business also urges customers to work as their own “agents” for Financial Education Services, promoting the business’s products to other customers. Agents make ludicrous income claims, claiming that participants in the scheme can earn incentives worth tens of thousands of dollars and make more than $1,000 every week.

According to the complaint, customers are required to pay hundreds of dollars to join the scam and pay the business each month for phony credit repair services even if they are not required.

The scheme’s compensation system has the characteristics of a pyramid scheme, with escalating levels of pay and titles based on the number of members attracted and a focus on how crucial it is to bring in new participants.

Few, if any, customers ever receive the income they were promised, and many customers actually lose money when acting as customers’ agents.

The staff was given 4-0 commission approval to file the complaint and ask for a temporary restraining order. The Eastern District of Michigan U.S. District Court received the complaint.

The Georgia Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division was a great help to the FTC in initiating this lawsuit.


Income Opportunity With United Wealth Education

We have set up a new income opportunity by united wealth education. You can get real profit from the education and skills training with our product.

United Wealth Education is an online educational environment with a focus on the pursuit of knowledge and career success. The mission of United Wealth Education is to empower individuals with the tools needed to become financially independent, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

We provide the opportunity for anyone who wants to earn a meaningful income while learning new skills and developing lifelong friendships through our social community aspect.

Here at United Wealth Education, we are changing things up and creating a whole new way of getting information. With our innovative platform you can learn everything you want to learn and do it in a way that fits your schedule.

Do you want the fast lane to good money? Come with us as we show you how fast and easy it can be!

United Wealth Education is the premier choice for the most successful people in middle and high schools, two and four year colleges and universities. More than 500,000 students have attended UWE since its inception in 1993. In less than a decade,

UWE has become one of the fastest growing education companies in America. Our mission is to change lives by providing exceptional education experiences that propel students from middle school into college and beyond.


UNITED WEALTH EDUCATION SERVICES (UWE) is a specialist organisation that has been dedicated to the provision of high-quality educational services since 1998. UWE aims to provide quality education at affordable prices, and provides courses for an extensive range of student needs.

United Wealth Education’s flexible approach ensures that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes your goals in life, ensuring that students can achieve their dream of a brighter future at any given time in their lives.

At United Wealth Education our goal is to empower students to achieve their dreams. We offer proprietary online courses, mentoring and tutoring services, effective leadership skills training and more! Don’t wait, take action now!

United Wealth Education is a privately owned training business based in South Africa. The company has been providing various financial services to its clients since it was founded in 2000 and has grown to become one of the largest financial service providers in the country, serving large corporations and individuals alike.

We offer services in the following areas: Tutoring and Coaching, Test Preparation and Tutoring, Public Safety Training.


United Wealth Education is a service marketed by United Credit Education Services to agents and institutions.

United Wealth Education is a service marketed by United Credit Education Services for any individual looking to gain the proper education and skills needed to earn a living.

United Credit Education Services delivers service that is highly professional and personalized. Our agents are focused on providing the best customer service in order to satisfy our customers and provide continuous growth within their businesses.

With industry leading processes and a team of experts, we provide education services on a variety of topics including: Auto Financing, Mortgage Lending, Student Loans, Health Insurance and even Online Marketing Training.

United Credit Education Services is a consumer credit education company that provides access to student loan consolidation and debt relief services in North America. We provide expert resources, better understanding of the financing options available to you, and unparalleled customer service.





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