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Best Canada’s Top Jobs Without a University Degree

There are several Canada’s Top Jobs Without a University Degree , allowing people to enter the field and start building great careers. A good education is crucial. Many interesting doors will be opened, both personally and professionally, as a result of learning new information and developing new abilities.

While many individuals consider a university degree to be the pinnacle of their education and the beginning of their professional careers, this is not always the case. The fact is that not everyone requires a degree from a university to succeed in their work.

Without a university degree, there are numerous well-paying occupations in Canada. There are benefits to pursing these jobs, in fact:

  • Allows you to enter the workforce more quickly

The great majority of graduates from universities finish their degrees in four to five years. There is no assurance that students will be able to find employment in their preferred field immediately away after graduation. According to data, up to 25% of university graduates will work in positions for which they are overqualified, indicating that a degree from an accredited university was not necessary. This depends on their field of study.

Diploma programs and other educational and training programs have shorter durations and are more focused, so those who complete them will be able to enter the workforce sooner and begin to construct their professional lives.

  • Reduces the amount of student loan debt

Student loan debt is an extremely severe issue. According to Statistics Canada data, those who earn bachelor’s degrees from universities leave school with an average debt of $28,000, while those who complete college programs leave school with an average debt of $15,000 each. Although not negligible, this sum represents just a little bit more than half of the student loan debt owed by university graduates.

Additionally, there are several non-college education and training options that are even more reasonably priced that are accessible for a variety of jobs. There are many perfectly good reasons not to attend college. These explanations may have to do with money, obligations to family members, time restraints, or the plain truth that a bachelor’s degree won’t help you get a job in the profession you want.

Best Canada’s Top Jobs Without a University Degree:
  • Web developer
  • Plumber
  • Mechanic
  • Sales associate
  • Real estate agent
  • Flight attendant
  • Receptionist

$29.59 per hour for a web developer

web developer

All kinds of enterprises have discovered that in order to succeed after 2020, they must fully embrace the digital era. To interact with their customers and keep up with sales, small and medium-sized enterprises are now relying on digital sales and marketing. Not many business owners have the time, motivation, or expertise to build their website and online presence. This has increased the need for knowledgeable web developers who can design and maintain websites.

Although web developer is a professional position, it is not necessary to have a university degree in computer sciences to succeed in this industry. However, it will benefit jobseekers to finish certain training courses and programs. Web developers can work as freelancers or for major tech and marketing companies, and their average hourly wage is close to $30.

There is no indication that the demand for qualified web developers would lessen given that the global ecommerce business is expected to generate $1 trillion in revenue by 2025.

$30 per hour for a plumber

Trade sectors are still a source of well-paying, reasonably stable employment. Depending on their credentials, plumbers can serve a diverse range of clients, including those in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. A two to three year apprenticeship and specialized training are required for this vocation. This offers valuable hands-on training and is quicker than a university degree.

Average hourly pay for plumbers is $30, and they can work for construction and maintenance organizations or launch their own enterprises. It will take more time to train and study if you want to provide plumbing installation and repair services on major properties like factories and building sites.

$25.00 per hour for a mechanic

People will continue to drive their automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles despite changes in the economy. Vehicles are repaired and serviced by mechanics to guarantee proper, safe, and effective operation. Prior to certification, auto mechanics must finish certificate and training programs, the majority of which also include hands-on instruction to help them develop the everyday practical skills they will require.

Mechanics can open their own repair shop or work as independent contractors for motorists in need of on-site services. They can also work for larger auto mechanic businesses and earn a high hourly wage. A mechanic must undergo further training and obtain the relevant certifications in order to work on trucks, transport vehicles, and other large classes of vehicles.

Associate in Sales: $15.00 per hour

People will continue to buy the items they require and regularly use, regardless of bigger economic shifts. Sales representatives and sales clerks assist consumers in selecting the best goods and services by providing targeted recommendations and attempting to comprehend their needs in the process. Sales representatives can conduct business in person, over the phone, or even via video conferencing.

Depending on the employer, especially in retail, it may be a minimum wage position, but it can also climb to a high average of $23.00 per hour or more.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are necessary for a career in sales. Sales representatives will deal with consumers directly on a daily basis, thus they must be patient and empathetic. Colleges provide a number of business-related certificates that can be finished more quickly than university degrees for persons who want to advance their careers in sales.

Real Estate Agent – $46,212 per year

The Canadian housing market is one sector that appears unstoppable. Real estate agents can create a successful career by assisting individuals in finding the ideal home as they search for affordable homes in both large cities and now smaller areas.

They assist clients who are seeking to purchase, sell, rent, or lease a variety of properties and receive significant wages from real estate companies in addition to commissions.

In order to work in the industry, prospective real estate agents must finish an approved training course and satisfy all requirements set forth by their respective province governing body.

Once licensed, real estate agents have the option of working for major property management firms or starting their own independent real estate firm to serve the clientele they choose.

Flight Attendant Hourly Rate: $22.60

Flight Attendant


Being a flight attendant will enable you to lift off and travel the world while advancing your professional career. A flight attendant is a person who works for a commercial airline and gives directions, safety advice, and service to passengers while they are in the air. They perform a crucial role in ensuring everyone’s safety and happiness prior to takeoff, during flight, and until deboarding.

As many of a flight attendant’s tasks will include engaging with passengers, the job calls for a lot of communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, they serve as the primary channel of communication for the remainder of the flight crew.

As mandated by Transport Canada, anybody interested in a profession as a flight attendant must finish specific training programs. Some airlines may also have extra requirements, such as first aid certification.

$18.00 per hour for a receptionist

The face of a firm or business is its receptionist. They play a crucial role in ensuring that consumers and clients have a positive experience because they are the first staff member to interact with them. In order to effectively keep records and serve as the client-employee liaison, receptionists must possess good interpersonal and organizational abilities.

Depending on the organization, unique work requirements for a receptionist may include familiarity with particular computers and filing systems. As long as a receptionist can exhibit a strong drive to learn and develop on the job, all of these abilities can be acquired. Receptionists can work for a variety of companies, which opens up numerous job prospects around the nation.

A long and successful career is built on a foundation of education and learning, although not all professionals aspire to get a bachelor’s degree from a university. In Canada, there are many well-paying positions available without a university degree. People who fill these positions will be able to enter the workforce with specialized training and forge successful careers.

The salary amounts reflect the information available at the time of writing on Indeed Salaries. The hiring company, the candidate’s experience, educational background, and location may all influence their pay.

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