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Top Jobs In the US for Immigrants (2022)

The good news is that their are top jobs in the us for immigrants , both entry-level positions and more experienced ones, if they know where to seek.

The US is one of the nations that continuously generates work opportunities worldwide. The US president is required to create jobs every single day, and as a result, Donald Trump, the current former president of the US, created more than a million jobs.

The majority of foreign residents are migrating to the US for various reasons, but the unemployment rate is significantly dropping, and there are numerous job opportunities in the healthcare, business, technology, oil and gas, and many other sectors.

It is clear that the US economy is among the greatest in the world if we take a close look at it. The world-famous Silicon Valley, which is located in California, is one of the businesses that contributed to this becoming a reality. This state is home to thousands of global and international companies.

Top Jobs In the US for Immigrants

US Jobs For Immigrants

Do you know that every day a new company is founded in the USA? And this is what allows for the nation’s tremendous employment opportunities.

Are you prepared to view the job listings in the USA, including their salary range for immigrants? Please see them below:

  • Software Developer $102,450 – $157,500
  •  Computer Software $92,450 – $157,165
  •  HR Assistant  $80,450 – $97,100
  • Product Designer $40,450 – $57,165
  •  Onsite Positions in California $45,500 – $50,165
  • Medical Practitioner $53,000 – $70,155
  • HR Advisor $92,450 – $157,165
  • Quantitative Strategy  $102,450 – $157,165
  •  IT Service Desk  $90,000 – $107,000

The United States welcomes a sizable influx of immigrants each year. A big part of the American dream for many people is finding a great job that allows them to grow professionally while also putting down roots.


While they made up 13% of the US population in 2012, immigrants accounted for 15.7% of all truck driver jobs.

There were disproportionately many immigrant truck drivers in some states, including California (46.7%), New Jersey (40.4%), Florida (32.2%), and New York (25.7 percent). The American Trucking Association and the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?,” provided the data for the study’s executive summary.

Immigrants are filling labor shortages in the American trucking industry. With trucks moving 70% of all domestic freight volume, the trucking industry is the backbone of the US economy. However, the industry consistently faces a lack of qualified workers because of a high turnover rate and an aging native-born population.

Computing and Mathematics

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals are becoming more and more important to the US economy.

Jobs in the STEM fields are essential to the creativity of the nation, and STEM workers are behind many of the ground-breaking concepts and innovations that increase household incomes and generate new jobs in the US.

A sizeable component of the STEM workforce in the US is made up of workers who were born abroad.

Manufacturing and Production

A significant portion of America’s food supply is provided by the 2.1 million immigrants who work in agriculture, collection, processing, and sales jobs in the United States.

Despite making up 17 percent of all civilian employees in the US between 2014 and 2018, immigrants had a disproportionate impact on food production, employing 22% of all workers in the country’s food and production supply chain.

They are far more prevalent in certain states and occupations that include food.


New immigrants are drawn to the construction industry as a potential source of work. Their presence has benefited employers, managers, and landowners by bringing in complementary skills and raising productivity.

Cement masonry, carpet installation, carpentry, and painting are the most common occupations for immigrants in the construction industry.


Currently, 73 percent of agriculture occupations in the United States are said to be held by immigrant farmworkers. Farm work is an absolutely vital profession that keeps food on our tables, drives the economy, and supports our communities all over the US.

For the protection of migrant agricultural workers and their families as well as the survival of America’s key agriculture economy, it is essential to modernize the temporary visa program and establish a route to citizenship for them.

Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture

The United States is recognized as one of the best places to work if you have architectural skills, so if you want to immigrate here to work as an architect, you are in an excellent position.

Additionally, North America is the region in the globe where architects receive the highest salaries.


There are many different types of eateries, bars, and food service providers, including those found in schools and hospitals, that employ food service personnel.


In the health care industry in 2018, about 2.6 million immigrants, including 314,000 refugees, were employed, of whom 1.5 million were doctors, registered nurses, and pharmacists. Immigrants are overrepresented in a number of healthcare positions. Even though immigrants only make up 17% of the total civilian workforce in the United States, they represent 28% of doctors, 24% of dentists, and 38% of home health aides.

What Are the top Jobs in the us for Immigrants in 2022 Most Likely to Be?

The majority of immigrants to the United States work in entry-level positions, but there is a growing demand for individuals with greater training and experience. Despite the chaos brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, a new analysis shows that the demand for talent in certain fields—such as computers and mathematics—constantly exceeds the supply of talented workers, leading to requests for more immigrants with expertise in these fields to come to the US to support the continued growth of the US economy.

Some occupations chosen by recent immigrants and the immigrant population as a whole share similarities, such as agricultural laborers and construction workers. However, recent immigrants are more inclined to work in science and technology than those who came before them because of their degree of education and place of birth.

Documentation needed

The following papers are generally needed:

Passport(s) Unless the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country specifically requests longer validity, the following documents typically remain valid for six months after the intended date of entry into the United States. Please refer to the instructions for clarification.

Financial Support You must prove to the consular official during your interview for an immigrant visa that you are unlikely to become a public charge in the US. (NOTE: For applicants where a relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) filed the Form I-140 petition or where that relative has a sizable ownership stake in the organization that filed the petition, that relative must complete Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the Act, on the applicant’s behalf.

Civil Documents for the applicant. more detailed information on documentation requirements, including details on which documents would need to be translated, can be found under Documents the Applicant Must Submit. During your visa interview, the consular officer could ask for extra details. At your interview for an immigrant visa, bring your original civil documents (or certified copies of them), such as birth and marriage certificates, as well as clear photocopies of the originals. You can then get your hands on the original paperwork and translations.


You can apply for one of the more than a million jobs that are open in the US. You can benefit from US job sites to be informed about the most recent job developments in the nation.

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