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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada – How To Apply

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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada – How To Apply.

Learn about the highest paying jobs in Canada. Find out what skills, qualifications and education you need to become one of these highly paid professionals. There are many web sites that publish salary surveys of specific industries or provinces, but this list shows the highest paying jobs in each province across Canada.

Your prospects of finding employment in Canada have just increased. As the Canadian government announced, applicants are invited to apply for the highest-paying positions in Canada in 2022.

The Canadian Prime Minister changed the immigration plan. For the foreseeable future, Canada plans to take in 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023, and 451,000 in 2024. This means that there would be more opportunities for employment in Canada.

The highest paying jobs in Canada are, by far, the most competitive and work only for those who can perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

Make certain you have all of your documents ready when applying to these positions – some require mandatory education, experience and a high level of specialized knowledge in their respective field.

In addition to the type of work, the earnings potential is based in part on where the jobs are located. PayScale’s analysis looks at only those paying at least $100,000 a year. Based on this criteria, the average annual salary for high-paying jobs in Canada is $86,550.

A good job is one that meets your qualifications, offers opportunities for advancement and pays well. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career,

In this list we have listed the highest paying jobs in Canada, broken down into lists of each industry. These jobs will leave you with a higher salary and better benefits, so make sure to check out our list and see what careers you could look into.

The highest paying jobs in Canada.

 Cyber security engineer

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, or a closely related field is necessary.
3 to 4 years after high school for a degree.
Average pay: $135,000
from $120,063 to $148,883 annually

Since cyber security is a serious issue, it is not surprising that there is a strong demand in Canada for cyber security engineers, with some earning over $148,883 per year.

To safeguard devices, networks, and services from hostile digital attacks, cyber security experts carry out a number of security-related duties. The work can be really tough because you’ll frequently be working under pressure.

The majority of cyber security engineers in the US are under 40, and some businesses are now even accepting applications from people without a college degree.

To obtain the highest-paying job in Canada, all you need are the necessary abilities, credentials, and proven experience. However, having a college education could be advantageous.

 Senior software engineer

degree necessary Engineering in Software Bachelor of Science,
3–4 years following high school for a degree.
Average pay: $122,050
$100,000 to $172,000 in salary

There is a demand for software developers in Canada. Some software engineers earn more than $172,000 year, or about $122,050 annually.

The nicest part about this employment is that you can start working right away without needing a traditional college diploma. While most employers prioritize experience, some could insist on a conventional degree.

To begin your job, you can finish a three- or four-year diploma program. There are also master’s and doctoral degrees offered. As a new software engineer, you can expect to make around $80,000 annually.

To be referred to be a senior software engineer, you must have worked in your profession for at least five years.

However, keep in mind that this well-paying career demands a lot of work because the software engineering industry is continuously evolving, and if you want to keep earning well, you’ll need to keep learning new skills.

Actuarial manager

Are you into numbers? Think about going into the actuarial sciences. An actuarial manager’s primary responsibility is to assess risks and their effects, but they are also responsible for budget management, project prioritization, and progress monitoring.

Being an actuarial manager requires a lot of work. Your bachelor’s degree is the first requirement, however it might not be enough since 34.8% of actuarial managers have earned at least one master’s degree.

A college degree is required to work as an actuarial manager. Additionally, becoming an actuarial manager can take some time because you might need to initially work as an actuary or actuarial analyst before advancing to a managing role.

On the plus side, actuarial managers are in high demand, and some of Canada’s biggest firms actively recruit them. One of the highest paying positions in Canada, top actuarial managers can earn more than $220,000 annually.

 Chief Operations Officer

degree necessary Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field
4 years after high school for a degree.
Average pay: $133,188
range of salaries: $90,000 to $183,000.

This is a difficult position that could lead to you becoming the CEO. Chief Operations Officers (COO) make a variety of salaries, with some earning up to $183,000 annually and others earning less than half of that amount.

You will directly report to the CEO as a COO and supervise a sizable workforce. Additionally, the majority of COOs in Canada benefit from extra benefits including generous bonuses and paid holidays.

 General dentist

degree necessary in dental school, either a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine
8 years after high school for a degree.
Average pay: $195,000
$119,250 to $275,000 is the salary range.

In Canada, there is a great need for dentists, and many provinces even seem to be experiencing a shortage. Dentistry is one of the top paying professions in Canada, but getting there isn’t simple.

Prior to enrolling in dental school, students must first complete a bachelor of science degree program, which takes four years to complete. Additionally, they must succeed in a number of entry tests and internships. Additionally, in order to work as a general dentist in Canada, you must be licensed.

On the plus side, pay can reach as high as $275,000, so the work is worthwhile. A general dentist can diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of dental problems, but they often don’t provide specialist care. Oral surgeons earn over $350,000 annually and conduct more difficult tasks including tooth extractions. To become an oral surgeon, you must attend college for an additional four years.

Chief Data Scientist

Bachelor’s in data science or a relevant field is necessary.
4 years after high school for a degree.
Average pay: $209,500
from $165,500 to $253,500 in salary

Fast-growing industry that pays well, with top employers providing over $250,000 in salary. A Director of Data Science cannot be hired directly because it is a top-level post; instead, one must accumulate experience and rise through the ranks.

Before they achieve this position, the majority of people work for 8 to 10 years, and some employers may even require more experience.

Additionally, businesses frequently need a PhD or master’s degree for this role. After graduation, people who select this choice typically work as data science engineers and advance their degree and experience to the next level.

Establishing, organizing, and managing the overarching objectives and regulations of the data science function will be your responsibility as a data science director.


Doctor of Medicine degree required, then specialty
13–14 years after high school for a degree.
Salary Median: $254,878
Ranging from $167,649 to $291,500

Here is another excellent-paying medical position. As you gain expertise, you might earn more than $290,000. But becoming a cardiologist is not a simple journey. To become a cardiologist, you must devote roughly 14 years of education, while some professionals decide to spend even longer.

Cardiologists take care of their patients’ health and make sure it stays in good condition. They are in high demand and perform complicated surgeries as well. Cardiologists must first obtain the necessary licenses, though, in order to practice in Canada.

Family physician

Doctor of Medicine necessary as a degree
10 years after high school for a degree.
Average pay: $250,000
From $191,709 to $337,224 annually

Every family needs a family doctor to treat common illnesses like the flu and fever. A family doctor’s duties include both the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic ailments. To prevent health problems, they also provide counseling and regular health checks.

Canadian family doctors make about $250,000 annually, with more qualified and experienced professionals making over $350,000. After earning your degree, you’ll start making a lot of money and have the option of working independently or working for a hospital. With more experience, your income will rise.


Doctor of Medicine necessary as a degree
Years till graduation: 12–14 years following high school
Average pay: $308,000
from $254,909 to $397,850 annually

Anaesthesiologists are licensed medical professionals who have completed medical school. Before beginning to practice as an anesthesiologist, they must also finish a fellowship program. Most earn around $308,000 annually, but others earn nearly $400,000. One of the top paying jobs in Canada as a result.

Hospitals typically employ anesthesiologists to control pain and deliver anesthesia. They frequently serve as team leaders and evaluate, oversee, and monitor patient care prior to, during, and following operation. Due to the field’s recent quick growth and present shortage, which has driven up salaries, it is a promising career choice for 2022 and beyond.


Technology is making the jobs more complicated, but also more attractive. An HR executive is well placed to take advantage of these new roles as they emerge and adapt to ensure that your organisation retains its competitive edge.

Most of the highest paying jobs in Canada are not just reserved for doctors and lawyers, but there are many more top paying jobs that you can earn to support your lifestyle.

The options available in Canada range from engineering to architecture, where employers will be willing to pay even more to entice potential employees who can help advance their organization.





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